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Hypatia for Linux

In theory the Phix code should be cross-platform, though there are a few obstacles. There is currently no Linux version of Hypatia that you can download. If you want to experiment with Hypatia under Linux, you need Phix: phix.x10.mx, and you need to download the Windows version of Hypatia, which includes the source code.

Under Linux the input editor does not work, because the Phix functions video_config() and get_position() currently dont work under Linux. Also, Hypatia does not know the size of its console window and assumes a width of 80 characters.

Under Linux you need to add two lines to the hy.ini file: the Hypatia commands EDIT and EDIN will only work if you specify an editor, and the commands COPY, COPYALL and COPIN only work if you specify a copy-to-clipboard command.


CCCOMMAND copy text file to clipboard

For instance:


CCCOMMAND xclip -sel c <

The current version of Hypatia needs Phix 1.0.3 or later, though later versions of Phix may require minor adjustments of the code.

I do not have Linux installed and cannot test how Hypatia behaves under Linux. For instance, does it know the location of its executable? This is where it should read and write files, regardless from where it gets called. If Hypatia isnt compiled but runs in the Phix interpreter, then the location should be that of Phix. The command ? shows status information, this includes the line I/O file location: program folder is that location correct?

If you try out Hypatia under Linux, please let me know about your experiences thank you!

Robert Schaechter, robert@drs.at

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